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Technology and application of laser manufacturing

Time:[2016-07-12]Come from:sangong

    Laser also known as “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”,English abbreviation as “Laser ”,meaning of “Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”.The laser English full name expressed the main process manufacturing laser .

   Since twentieth century , the laser has been know the “fasted knife””the most accurate rulers””the brightest light ”and “exotic light”following the atomic energy,computer, semiconductor ,and other great human’s inventor.

   Compare with the conventional light , there are four characters from laser :
1 . The high brightness :
The higher of billions of times brightness than the surface of the sun's brightness of laser is result of he high concentration and strong emission ability of laser .Brightness is an important index to measure the quality of alight source.If convergence a moderate intensity laser beam ,it will produce a high temperature up to thousand or ten thousand degree in the focus point .
2 . Good direction:
Ordinary light spread in all directions .To make the light emitted to one special direction , a certainly the condensing device is needed to install in the light source ,for example ,the car’s headlights and searchlights are installed the condenser function mirror, So that the radiation can be be injeted in one direction by focusing together .
3 . Good monochromatic :
Different wavelength of light detemine the different color the light , and the different wavelength play function on the different vision to reflect the different color . The laser wavelengthis consistent, the line width is narrow, the color is pure, goodmonochromaticity. Because of this property, the laser is widely used in communications.
4 . Good coherence :
The good coherence makes laser more useful in the model life , it can produce the good quality of light. Sunic laser machine can satisfy the variety of demand  . 

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