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Laser cut wedding invitation cards — lead to an Unforgettable Wedding

Time:[2016-07-12]Come from:sangong

There are two major kinds of invitations, one of which is transmitted through the Internet, and the other kind is sending invitation card which is historical and splendid. Obviously,it’s a common sense for everyone to have a special , unique and unforgettable wedding party, however the way to create an extravagant wedding party multiple. A beautiful and elegant inviting card (as follows) can be the key of an extraordinary wedding.


Our laser cutting machine is an necessary tool to have your own personalized wedding card for it can be precisely controlled by the computer, working follow the unique vectorgram we design. If we are not good at drawing such complicated image on the internet, we could just choose the attractive patterns and randomly combine them according to our own specific Aesthetic standards.The laser cutting and engraving machine will transfer our imagine into vivid entities.

What’s more, the material of the invitation has no serious requirements, CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine can be chosen when you are going to take non-metals as the raw material such as paper, leather, crystal, glass film, hard fabric, foam etc, and a fiber laser cutting and engraving machine can be adopted when you plan to have a metal invitations. Of course, there is also no restriction to the scale of the wedding card in that the worktable of the machine can be customized. We will spare no effort to meet your personalized requirements. 


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