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Adhesive--new material laser cutter suitable

Time:[2016-07-12]Come from:sangong

Small stickers, an important manifestation of the corporate image and brand many times,it play an important role in reflecting the product quality, increasing  the consumers’desire of purchasing .the cutting scheme has been optimizing, from manual, die-cutting to the laser cutting, how should we choose stickers laser cutting machine.laser cuts stickers become a new choice.

Adhesive is also called self-adhesive label materials, on paper, film or special materials for fabric, coated with adhesive on the back, with a composite silicon coating protection paper base paper. packaging, products, chemical industry, logistics, medical, electronic and electrical appliances More and more applications to the stickers, for instance label uses drug packaging. With over-the-counter OTC sales, pharmaceutical factories and consumers pay more attention to packaging, that largely prompted the medicine production enterprises to speed up the transformation from traditional label to the self adhesive label pace.Today, sticker cutting solutions since the early manual cutting, die-cutting machine, slitting machine, evolved into a more advanced self-adhesive laser cutting machine .

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