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Laser tech making solar cell’s conversion rate improve greatly

Time:[2016-07-12]Come from:sangong

According to the computer simulation survey by reseachers at the university of California Davis,the usage of special ‘silicon BC8’ structure can make single photon produce several pairs of electrons and holes.So the solar cell’s conversion rate can be improved greatly.Relative study has been published in a recent issue of physical review letter.

Solar PV is basis on photoelectricity effect.When a single photon or light particle strike in the single crystalline silicon,it will produce a negatively charged electron and a positively charged hole.Then collecting these holes and electrons can creat a current.Traditional solar pv can only creat one pair of electron and hole,so its maximum conversion rate is about thirty three percent.However,the new way by laser technic can creat several pairs of electrons and holes on basis at one single photon.Leading a higher conversion rate.

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