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Metal And Nonmetal Mixing laser Cutting Machine

Time:[2016-07-12]Come from:sangong

Product feature:
1.Mixing cutting of the machine:stainless steel,carbon steel,acrylic and wood plate to cut.
2.High precision of the machine:Import drive stepped and ballscrew accuracy,it’s greatly improve the machine cutting speed, engraving speed and long time working hours.
3.Stability optical system:machine adapted stability optical system to achieve whole working size with high precision.
4.Cutting and engraving with high precision:adapting high precision ballscrew accuracy,optimization CNC control system to satisfied accurate parts processing,dynamic feature is stable and keeping long time working.
5.High quality of cutting section:using mechanical servo cutting head system,cutting  head with the plate height moving cutting position remains changing,so that the cutting is flat and smooth,the cutting section without no subsequent processing and suitable for flat surface or curved plate cutting.
6.Laser machine used a seal-off co2 lasers,the key supplies for power is electricity,cooling water,auxiliary gas and laser light.
7.Laser machine with simple structure,convenient operation ,stable operation and free maintenance.
Main application:Advertising industry(stainless steel and acrylic),carbon steel,packing industry.
Main Cutting materials :Acrylic,bamboo,paper,fabric,glass,organic glass.
Typical case:metal frams,furniture,cutting plates,MDF frame cutting architectural models.

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