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GOOD NEWS ! sunic laser football game began in earnest

Time:[2016-07-12]Come from:sangong

     To enrich workers'lives, enhance team collaboration and cohesion, promot the construction culture, enhance ties with counterparts and industry within the company and expand the company's visibility and influence in external, in July sunic laser football team named  company was founded!
     On August 10, at Hust university West Campus sports fields, sunic laser  football teams and wuhan hekang frequency football teams held a tournament , sunic laser  players on the field together, hard work, never give up before strong and after hundreds of war opponents not cowardice, martial arts and physical dexterity in his foot again and break through the other lines, ultimate victory scored the goal. Owing to the  active competition of all players, the match ended in draw with 5:5, sunic laser football teams and therefore fired the team's first shot.

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