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Laser engraving machine application--smartphone,tablet’s PC

Time:[2016-07-12]Come from:sangong

    There are big demand for engraving mobile phone ,computer or laptop , whether you want to engrave metal or non-metal materials , Sunic laser engraving system is equally suited for all materials . Uniform smartphone become more and more popular in modern life .
We can offer the capability to engrave the company logo and name , or satisfy the customer’s require cutting even though realizing the micro engraving graphic ,literal ,letter ,signature or finger printer.

     1.The up&down worktable assure the engraving precision ,as well as the red dot indication playing a parts .
     2.The control system protect the materials surface , doesn’t damage the end product in any way .
     3.It’s convenient to manipulate , dramatically reduce the working time .
     4.The engraving result is anti-wear ,anti-erosion ,forming a permanent notation. 

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