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If you have questions or need any Technical Support with our machines, you may contact our Technical Engineers directly by email or phone calling to:

Contact: Helky Yan

Email: sunicyhs@sunic.com.cn

Phone / Wechat / Whatsapp: +86 15671685372

Support Hours

Sunic Laser technical support is available on:

Monday to Saturday: 8:30am ­- 12pm(GMT+8)

Sunday:12:00pm -­ 16:00pm(GMT+8).

Support Procedure

We promise to provide technical support within 12 hours on working days, and within 24 hours on our vacations.

Sunic Laser will actively provide full technical support for all the machines purchased from us. When problems occur, please inform our engineers the details, and provide us with pictures and preferablly videos for our reference. We would require these information for analysis, and design customized solutions.

Sometimes, we need to check the technical parameters of machine softwares, and make testing files to figure out the issue, we need our clients to download some necessary softwares such as Teamviewer, Coreldraw, Photoshop to connect with your computer and make test drawings. All these softares will contribute us to make online supporting services much easier with higher efficiency.

Problem Solving

It is our obligation to fix all problems as quickly as possible to avoid further losts of our clients. Please adhere to the technical advice from our engineers to avoid the same problem from happening again. We appreciate all reporting of problems as that would help us to improve our products and bring better services to our clients.

Onsite Training:

If our client prefer personal, onsite installation and training, please contact our Sales engineers to make arrangement. We would usually require the fees for accommodations and travelling to be covered by clients who make such request.